Report: Trump instructed Cohen to lie to Congress


AM radio as a whole would catch on fire


Oddly, Fox News is not displaying this on their main page. Have to go into the politics section and scroll down to a story where a Trump lawyer denies it.


Trump’s twitter account is quiet this morning…


He probably was instructed by his legal counsel to deactivate his twitter account and prepare a “Nixon-esque” speech.


Ya I’m not sure our country could handle that


If it does, make sure to thank personally each and every Trump supporter you can find.

They got us here today.


Maybe something to do with a North Korean general landing in DC last night and whatever supposed US / NK talks are going down this morning in Europe.


Wow - a sitting President of the United States instructing his lawyer to commit perjury. Mr. Law and Order indeed.

This would certainly put Trump on the list of corrupt Presidents.


This can’t be though. I’ve been assured by many Trump supporters that there was no crime.


Law and Order President was just a campaign device.


Trump was joking when he said he’d be the law and order president.


I have a feeling if there is proof it’s gonna boil down to one of those “grandpa doesn’t understand how email works” situations.


I hope 2 justices were worth it.


I heard this morning that Ivankanand Trump Jr left paper trails over this, so that won’t fly.


So a “people my age no longer appreciate that digital communication stays around forever” situation.


Was Trump also going to build a tower in North Korea?


Will the conservative republicans in Congress ignore this if true anyways?


Highly doubtful


I’m going to need receipts and corroboration before coming to a conclusion on this. This is too big of a purjory allegation to take lightly.


Mueller needs to release his report ASAP, even if indictments are still coming. His investigation can still continue.