Report: Trump instructed Cohen to lie to Congress


I mean, it totally sounds like a Trump thing to do, but Buzzfeed…


Any predictions on what fat donald might do tomorrow?
I wouldn’t put it past him if he declares a national emergency.


It would be the day to do it?


Lol, “Buzzfeed” lol


RIght. Except Buzzfeed first published the Steele dossier, which turned out to be quite real. Place your bets now.


From 2013.


Suborning perjury, huh?

J18 should be fun. I expect an adderal-flecked twitter storm.

I’m going to pronounce it Jay-teen.

It deserves its own moniker.


Directing someone to lie isn’t a crime…

Collusion isn’t a crime…

There was no…

But… but… Hillar…


~ Lyin Don Trump


If it’s what you say I love it

~ Jr. Mint



They’ve actually cracked some big stories in the past year or two, but i’m going to need a bit more to trust them on this one.

Mind you, the author in question is a pulitzer winner for investigative reporting, and that aint nothing.


His AG to-be, from two! days ago:

Makes you wonder if Graham knew:

And from Barr back in his june '18 audition for the job:


Drip drip becoming flow and soon to be a gusher methinks.


AND they published the Pulitzer-winning “Make a Sandwich and We’ll Tell You Which Shark Character You Are in Bed” masterpiece.


If this is true his presidency is over.


I wonder who VP Ford, I mean Pence, will choose as VP.


Wouldn’t it be ironic is Pence went also and Pelosi became president? :joy:


God what a nightmare that would be


Before we mention that this tater is got, take a long moment to think of how unlawful our President is. It is really mind boggling.


Boy, if they have proof he suborned perjury, it’s a wrap.


The excuse will be that Bill Clinton lied about sex and wasn’t convicted in his impeachment hearings, so why should Trump?