Report: Trump instructed Cohen to lie to Congress


Get busy and find those 2 missing letters for her. Check her shirt.


How many times have you made this post in 3 years…? Basically, " they got him now".

This must be the 200th time the left has fully, and completely fell for fake news…

No wonder the dems think a few Facebook ads can manipulate democrats…


Wrong again…



…and socialism works, another subject lefty can’t learn from


They’ve had him since the Trump Tower meeting was exposed. Jr threw away his life before our eyes on Seans show and later sealed the deal with Congress. It’s been two years of watching you wish and hope that the reality you’re experiencing would go away. It’s not.


Just another attempt to over throw a sitting President by Deepstate and fake news.


So let me get this straight?

A billionare that has been doing well his entire life in most areas, is going
to in trust Cohen(a big nobody) with anything that would be super secretive(even if there was anything to hide)?

I mean from a Conservative point of view, you can’t even make this crap up,
it’s so unbelievably stupid. But people do make it up! That’s the worst part about it.


I posted an update when the Mueller’s office offered a dispute. Somehow that post was mysteriously deleted with @Snow96 post appearing to show up as a substitute. Not sure how the thread was updated like that.


You can almost hear the modern Trumpster saying :

If a cover-up is for the purpose of covering up criminal activities it is illegal. If, however, a cover-up is for a motive that is not criminal that is something else again.



This whole (bookmarked) post is like watching the condemned build their own gallows while saying “sucks to be that guy”.


Like i’ve stated many times before, I’m sure Cohen has lots of recordings that will sink fat donald.


Nothing that Donald has done in the last two plus years indicates innocence.

And yes, I know that people are innocent until proven guilty.

Still, Trump is guilty of numerous crimes. At this point, I think we all know it.


Really? It doesn’t seem the president is innocent until proven guilty for 24 hours the media ran with delight on the buzzfeed story, politicians were coming out calling for impeachment with glee, until Mueller team issued a “Not Accurate” comment on the story.

The only network who halfway apologized and felt bad about it was CNN - kudos to them.


With this precedent set, should we now assume the thousands of articles about Russian collusion, tax cheating, money laundering, and obstruction of justice are 100% factual since Mueller never disputed them? Cool.


I don’t know what any of that has to do with my point that we all know in our hearts that Trump is guilty of numerous crimes.


There’s no way he didn’t tell Cohen to lie. He probably doesn’t even know that would be illegal.


This “Deepstate”, is it somewhere in the south? Somewhere down there?


More sheople news for the sheople and I must say, it’s getting baaaaa, baaaaa, baaaaad for the flock.


Damn…that’s credible…NOT. :sunglasses:


What crime has he been declared guilty of by Mueller?