Report: Trump instructed Cohen to lie to Congress


Fox news had this story about Cohen on its front page all day long.


Obama has been America’s best dressed and most eloquent President since Kennedy, and that is probably it.


What did they win?


Nixon just rolled over and said, “These Jack wagons believe Buzz feed?” :rofl:


The “Con’s” conspiracy theorists crackpots have been outranked by the alt left kooks.




No they didnt. I was checking all day.


Looks like his shiny new object was Pelosi’s grounded plane.


Busy day?

I guess it was just up while I was there a couple of times and they took it down in between, then.


TDS, Trump Did Somehting


No. It was buried all day. Wasnt front page. Nice try.


You are getting a different than I get, then. I saw it there.


No you didnt. I was checking all day and laughing about it. It was buried.



No it wasnt. I was checking all day. It was buried.


It should be buried it’s from buzzfeed, there is a reason tabloid press isn’t taken seriously. You guys were taken seriously reporting from the company who ran headlines about how to marry your food and 10 ways to check your white privilege.


I am guessing in your imaginings, you did not imagine a story line like the one that unfolded today.


That’s the right wing talking point, yes…

Check out this hard hitting fox news piece


Gina hahahah it’s not only her top she is missing, she is also missing 2 letters at the beginning of her name.


It’s on fox news therefore you cant believe their reports