REPORT: Strzok and Page Coordinated ‘Russia’ OP-ED, FBI Apparently ‘Authorized’ Story in 2016 | Sean Hannity

A stunning new report from Sara Carter is raising serious new questions over the level of anti-Trump bias at the highest levels of the Department of Justice, with new texts showing Peter Strzok and Lisa Page coordinated an “op-ed” focused on Russia collusion.

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However, the texts between the two [Strzok and Page] do not disclose what article they were writing, or for whom they were writing the opinion piece, or if it was ever published.

That is from the Sara Carter link in the OP.

So with absolutely NO FREAKING EVIDENCE people like Sara Carter et al are touting alleged anti-Trump bias conspiracies, supposedly “at the highest levels of the Department of Justice”?

Hey folks, neither Page nor Strzok were ever employed at the “highest levels of the Department of Justice”.

What is stunning is the Silk Purses that Sara Carter is making out of pigs ears.