REPORT: Stacey Abrams Deciding Whether to Run for Senate or the White House in 2020

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Failed Georgia gubernatorial candidate Stacey Abrams is reportedly mulling whether to run for the US Senate or the White House in the coming months, with insiders confirming Senate Minority Leader Chuck Schumer is actively recruiting the Democrat to join the Congress.

“Stacey Abrams is doing everything a would-be presidential candidate would do: a nationwide book tour, candidate cattle calls and stops on late-night television and morning news shows,” reports Politico.

“But the Georgia Democrat is also still actively considering a run for a seat in the Senate, and top Democrats continue to court her aggressively for the race,” adds the article.

“He has been unequivocal in his desire to have me become a candidate for this office,” Abrams said of Schumer’s outreach.

“My responsibility is to analyze it, decide if that’s the job for me and how I can win,” she added. “I believe based on my understanding of the contours of how to run a presidential race, September is actually an appropriate date.”

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