REPORT: Rod Rosenstein Heading to White House, Expects to be Fired | Sean Hannity

Deputy Attorney General Rod Rosenstein is reportedly planning to resign from his position at the Department of Justice Monday; stepping-down after an explosive New York Time’s article claims he planned on secretly recording the President inside the Oval Office.

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Why hasn’t anyone investigated what Hillary’s relationship with these foul FBI &DOJ people was when she was Sec. of State? What is the reason for their disastrous loyalty to her at the expense of our country What did she give them, promise them or pledge to do if they helped her? That, to me is a huge question waiting to be answered. Sara Carter, please look into this!

Julian Assage states that he will release enough information on Hilary and her collusion with the Russians, she will have to be indicted and will end her days in Cuba, i.e. GTB.

Carma, because rupubs are afraid of “SCHMUCK SCHUMER”!!!