REPORT: Robert Mueller to Release Russia Findings Immediately After 2018 Midterms | Sean Hannity

Special counsel Robert Mueller is prepared to release his “core-findings” to Deputy Attorney General Rod Rosenstein in the immediate aftermath of the 2018 midterm elections, reports Fox News.

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In my opinion, I believe he has come to the conclusion that there was NO collusion. If there was I would think he would release it before the midterm elections. Why?. Because the democrats could use this to their advantage and blow it up all over the place, this would cause a blue tsunami. If he would release a statement in President Trumps favor before the midterm elections, it would boost the Republican voters even more, and the red tsunami would be an total red eclipse. And, muller doesn’t want that. So my conclusion [ NO RUSSIA COLLUSION, TRUMP VINDICATED, PERIOD!!]