REPORT: Republicans Predict ‘Bipartisan Acquittal’ in Any Senate Impeachment Trial

Originally published at: REPORT: Republicans Predict ‘Bipartisan Acquittal’ in Any Senate Impeachment Trial | Sean Hannity

Republican insiders and strategists threw more cold-water on the Democrats’ never-ending impeachment fantasy during the holiday season; predicting a “bipartisan acquittal” in any effort to remove the President from office.

“Republicans are becoming increasingly confident they’ll be able to hand President Trump a bipartisan acquittal in his Senate impeachment trial,” reports the Hill. “With 67 votes needed to convict the president and remove him from office, and the outcome of a Senate trial all but guaranteed, GOP senators are broadening their sights as they plot their strategy.”

GOP predicts bipartisan acquittal at Trump impeachment trial

— The Hill (@thehill) December 26, 2019


“Senate Republicans think they’ll be able to pick up one or two Democrats on the final votes for each impeachment article. That would let them tout Trump’s acquittal as bipartisan — an angle they’ve already seized on when talking about the two House votes, in which a handful of Democrats crossed the aisle to join Republicans in opposing impeachment,” adds the website.

“I think we might have a couple,” said GOP Sen. Purdue. “I don’t want to speculate on who — obviously that puts too much pressure on them — but I really think we have people on both sides that are trying to get to a reasonable, nonpartisan answer.”

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Source: The Hill

Democrats learned in the House if you impeach the President with out evidence when you are guilty of funding Obama’s spyaget you will be a traitor to the American people.