REPORT: President Trump May DECLASSIFY Top-Secret FISA Docs

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A bombshell report from Sara Carter reveals President Trump is mulling whether he will declassify the top-secret FISA documents at the heart of Robert Mueller’s never-ending Russia probe.

“President Trump is expected to declassify the redacted 20 pages of documents from the controversial Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Act (FISA) warrant that have still not been made public, which allowed the FBI to spy on short-term campaign volunteer Carter Page,” writes Sara Carter.

“This comes after nearly a year of stonewalling by the Department of Justice at the demand of lawmakers, who claim that the 20 redacted pages will reveal explosive information about the FBI’s handling of the Trump-Russia investigation, according to sources,” she adds.

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Good…Trump needs to do it.

I’m not holding my breath. I’ll put this up there with the contempt of Congress stunt against rosenstein.

No teeth.

Mr. President… just do it!!

Bet he won’t.