REPORT: Planned Parenthood Gave $120K to Dems on Judiciary Committee, $0 to GOP

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A stunning financial report shed new light on Planned Parenthood’s staggering influence inside the Senate Judiciary Committee this week; revealing the organization’s political action committee and its supporters donated big bucks to Democrats and nothing to Republicans ahead of Kavanaugh’s confirmation battle.

According to CNS News, Planned Parenthood’s PAC, employees, and their family members gave over $126,000 to Democrats currently on the Senate Judiciary Committee; compared to $0.00 to Republican members.

“Planned Parenthood–which, as the nation’s largest abortion provider performed 321,384 abortions in fiscal 2016–has given Democratic Senate Judiciary Committee members a total of $29,961 in 2018 alone,” writes Emily Ward.

The report adds that all ten Democratic members of the Committee received political contributions at some point from Planned Parenthood’s PAC.

The revelation comes as the Senate moves to hold a final vote on Judge Brett Kavanaugh’s nomination within days; setting the stage for a high-stakes showdown between Democrats and Republicans over the potential Justice’s political future.

Read the full story at CNS News.

How about dat deficit amirite

Did you expect Planned Parenthood to give $$ to anyone in the GOP?


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Why in the world would Planned Parenthood give money to the GOP?

Furiously writes this information in my diary

Thanks, Mr. Hannity!




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What is stunning about this turn of events?


Planned Parenthood Executive meeting: First Person. “Ok, can anyone give a recommendation for who we could donate to?” Second Person. “Ooh, I know!” “We could give tens of thousands to the GOP, they only want to cut our throats, but they really could use the money to help elect candidates who want vote us out of existence!”

Of course they gave money to Dems. To not do so would be like me walking into a bar and offering to buy a DUDE a drink.

I like.

10 char

BREAKING: Planned Parenthood donated to people who support them and not people who have been trying to dramatically slash their funding and protections for years.

This could bring down the dems and end abortion as we know it. Has anyone told Alex Jones yet?

Blood money.

Defund them.

At least that way none of the blood money will be from taxes however roundabout it might be.

… among other reasons they should be cut off.

Defund them? Burn every planned parenthood to the ground.

Good for them.

I seem to recall the porn industry had a history of supporting Dems for such a cause.

In fact, many years ago then President Clinton said something in relation to being asked if he’d return donations from the porn industry. His cryptic response, something about if he returned the money it would mean other money would have more influence, had Limbaugh flummoxed.

At the time I had Rush’s fax number, which he rarely ever gave out, and I also knew that because of a bug (which he mentioned exactly once) in how his Mac received faxes that when he got them he’d have to get up and stop the printer from spitting out paper till the supply was exhausted. IOW I knew that a fax could get through and would be far more likely to get his attention.

The fax I sent him explained Clinton’s comment not in terms of OTHER monies given to him (which is why Limbaugh was flummoxed because it sounded like the President was saying that if he didn’t have the pornographers’ moolah then other money given by other people would have that influence) but in terms of money given to his opponents. If he didn’t have money to spend to win, from whatever source didn’t matter, then the balance of money to spend shifts and his opponents have a better chance.

Clinton essentially laid out the ideological basis for never ever turning away donations unless forced to by the law, not from ChiComs or pornographers or, where Gore was involved in his turn, through monks who’d taken vows of poverty. This stance is consistent with the Left’s devotion to power by any means necessary or available.

A few minutes after the fax was sent Limbaugh referenced the idea being communicated to him. It was cool.

Unless they’re haunted or the walls are oozing blood from judgment being poured out why destroy the buildings if we can ever get the current occupants out? Granted, people are often unwisely driven by sentimental connotations … but it’s not like anyone would be opening a day care in an old PP building anyway. And it would be easy to find occupants with a more moral use for the space … even the mafia could find more moral uses for a former abortion mill … maybe as offices for their shysters and accountants…

Reusing a building that has been tainted by the sin and corruption of a small political donation would be an egregious violation of all that is moral and dignified. Planned parenthood structures need to be torn down, brick by brick, and all materials used to provide “health care” for poor, rural and/or pregnant women should be rocketed into the sun.

Sorry but that’s like junking words or ideas (such as valuing a nation’s sovereignty and wanting to prefer the good of your own country) if ever the wrong people should get a hold of them in any context whatsoever. If a structure is in its very form meant to express an idea or communicate an ideology … then you’d have some argument. But otherwise it’s just a building. It is neither good nor bad and once the evil people are gone is not inherently either. If you’re concerned still have the elders and deacons of your congregation get together and pray over it. Abortion may be an 800 lb gorilla in the room but what is that to the Lord and His hosts? Open up in some cans of heavenly whoop-*** on it all.

you don’t have what it takes

Is this some special insight you’ve been given about me or are you just assuming?

your posts