REPORT: Pentagon to Deploy Hundreds of Troops to US-Mexico Border to Stop ‘Caravan’ | Sean Hannity

Upwards of 800 soldiers will soon be deployed to the United States’ southern border with Mexico, with US officials telling Fox News they will join thousands of National Guard members already operating in the region.

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When an employee enjoys the benefits of collective bargaining, but refuses to pay union dues, he is referred to as a freeloader or scab. Since World War II, countries all around the world have been enjoying military protection at the expense of American tax-payers. They are freeloading scabs. Finally, we have a President with the courage to bring our troops home to protect America. War mongers say we need to fight terrorists over there so we won’t have to fight them here. Bull. The way to avoid fighting them here is to not let them be here. Build the wall. Use the military to guard our borders and coastlines. Use them to protect and backup ICE agents as they root out illegal aliens and deport them. Let refugees settle in countries neighboring their own. Follow up on those who over-stay visas and send them home. Deny education and employment visas for people who will steal technology and use it to put Americans out of work. Let’s put America first.