REPORT: Nikki Haley Resigns as US Ambassador to United Nations | Sean Hannity

US Ambassador to the United Nations Nikki Haley stepped down from her position Tuesday morning, with Axios reporting President Trump has officially accepted her letter of resignation.

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She must have had an attack of integrity.

I was also surprised she was ever a part of the Trump administration.

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Probably had it up to here with all the misogyny and attacks on women.

LOL. Still smarting from the Kavanaugh smear not working! The most prominent sexual predators being outed and substantiated with facts or found guilty in recent times are all Democrats - Bill Clinton, Ted Kennedy, Bill Crosby, Anthony Weiner, Harvey Weinstein and Alan Franken! Oops! That’s right. As we learned from the Kavanaugh Hearings, facts don’t matter with Democrats!

She probably got a whiff of something in the Mueller investigation

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Whatever her reasons for resigning, It was NOT because of TRUMP !!! Haley is made of "sterner stuff than to let a MAN make her quit.

I would venture a guess and say it was more the problems she endures with DEALING WITH the MORONS in the UN whose only reasons for being in the UN is to have a “Cush” apartment in NY City, Shopping at the BEST STORES in the world, Free Parking, and “DIPLOMATIC IMMUNITY” from any LAW Enforcement Agencies in the USA !!!

From a STUCCO HUT in NAIROBI to a 15 Room 4 Bathroom Grande Prix Apartment overlooking Central Park, is a pretty good reason to become a UN Ambassador to the UN !!! All PAID FOR BY the USA with their FOREIGN AID PROGRAMS !!!

Robert Mueller’s investigation is a violation of 18USC 371 and 18 USC 871! If it was an honest investigation, it would be examining the Clinton Foundation with Soros ATIFA etc. as a conduit to bribery.

Think back on her views, Nikki Haley has always been a globalist; although it has been suppressed as she has been involved with her UN duties. But none the less she is a long time globalist. Her actions as Governor and her never Trump conduct has always been at odds with America first. This is not a surprise. Think about her stances on pandering to the removal of Civil War Historial Monuments, it was pandering to ignorance, an example is Robert E. Lee, he was against slavery, against succession from the Union and ONLY went with his beloved home state Virginia went it left the Union. Lincoln offered him the command of all the Union Army. There is NOTHING more terrifying that pandering to ignorance. That stupidity becomes the Tail wagging the dog!

For decades, through several administrations, it has been noted the UN is comprised of Anti-American nations, taking contributions from the US, then voting against us in almost every vote. If the US pulled out, the UN would become even more meaningless in world affairs. The initial purpose was to insure the security of nations, supported by the world. Joke! The Un has never stood up to any one at any time! Genocide has taken place around the world and the UN writes a letter! By the time they physically respond, the issue has been completed. They then go in with their blue helmets and rape the women and children. The UN should be dismantled with the smaller countries working out agreements with neighboring countries for support and protection.

Nikki Haley was the best Ambassador since John Bolton. Neither of them would take any crap from the rest of the assembly. I can understand her needing time away from the political meatgrinder. I just hope the President has someone just as good to take over for her.