REPORT: NFL Players Planning Alternative Protests to ‘SPITE’ League | Sean Hannity

Some professional athletes within the National Football League are already planning alternative protests to “spite” officials just days after NFL owners announced all personnel will be required to stand for the national anthem.

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Simple fact, whether their cause is racist cops, or dead beat dads, or spousal abuse, the players are wrong to make their cause known at the expense of the simple act of American pride that is accomplished by standing, preferably hand over heart, during the national anthem.

If they want to make a poltical statement, let them make it off the field, or during tge coin toss, or during the half time show, or during punt returns.

did anyone really think they would stop protesting?

No. They are by nature very competitive people.

Your opinion is noted.

Another person who doesn’t seem to understand peaceful protests.

They should protestnl during the coin toss.

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They should protest whenever they feel like that is their right.

Their cause is the systematic racist society they have to deal with because of their skin colour, during the anthem about how amazing and awesome America is almost the perfect time to protest that.