REPORT: New Texts Confirm DOJ Leaked Intel to Severely Damage TRUMP ADMINISTRATION | Sean Hannity

A stunning new report from Sara Carter sheds new light on the staggering level of anti-Trump bias throughout the Department of Justice; showing high-level operatives intentionally “leaked” information to damage the President.

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Once more the OP big black OMG headline doesn’t match the actual news link information.

I do love the content of the letter. It takes two text messages out of th 50k between Strzok and Page and creates an alleged top level FBI DOJ anti Trump conspiracy. Then it demands documents from officials who were not mentioned in Strzok’s e-mails in hope their fishing- witch hunt might come up with the goods.

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Oh. Fishing like what’s going on with the Muller witch hunt?? I see your illogic :sob:

We call that sedition…

Good luck with that. Don’t you guys ever get tired of being disappointed?