REPORT: ‘New Migrant Caravan’ Forming in Honduras, 1000+ Heading Towards US

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Another ‘migrant caravan’ has reportedly formed in Honduras this week, with experts confirming 800-1000 people are poised to head towards the United States in the coming days despite warnings from American officials they will not be permitted into the country.

“Almost 1,000 people gathered Tuesday night in the town of San Pedro Sula in northern Honduras to form a new caravan to reach the United States, police said,” reports Yahoo News.

“There are more than 800, almost a thousand,” said one local official.

“We are done with this government, there is no work,” added a 27-year-old migrant.

President Trump toured the US-Mexico border near Calexico, California last week; vowing to crackdown on those hoping to enter the United States illegally.

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