REPORT: Mueller Probe to be Completed ‘As Early as Next Week’ | Sean Hannity

Attorney General Bill Barr is prepared to announce the conclusion of Robert Mueller’s nearly two-year long Russia-Trump collusion probe as early as next week, according to a stunning new report.

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So, all said an done, once all allegations are proven false, Should not the alleged accuser(s) be forced to reimburse the GOV for all the costs?

Lots of egg on lots of faces mmm what now demoncrats have managed to control the optics and grand narrative with this witch hunt coverup against Trump for over two years now but now their insurance policy has been debunked its more then interesting to see what leg gets pulled next my prediction world economic. collapse next to come bring it on watch him handle that with aplomb 2

Yes, I have noticed when I skim through the liberal stations like CNN and MSNBC, the same accusers are now saying, the report may not find any wrong doing. No apology, nor is one expected of these blowhards. They will probably turn to Adam Schiff next as their savior against Trump. He had been lying for the same two years, but no proof delivered. Trump will have to be re-elected before they shut this all down. Remember, this happened to Bush by the libs after the recount and continued until he was resoundingly re-elected. Same here I bet.

Dems will still organize committees to probe Trump to keep this false narrative going. Why McCabe hasn’t been arrested for his lying (like Manafort) is a mystery to me. Manafort rots i prison while McCabe sells book of lies. The more he talks, the more evidence of the coup that he helped organize. No justice.

McCabe is under criminal investigation. His recent book tour stories about the 25th Amendment will not help