REPORT: More than 500 Members of Migrant Caravan ‘Released’ in Downtown El Paso | Sean Hannity

Officials with the Immigration and Customs Enforcement Agency released nearly 600 migrants in downtown El Paso over the Christmas holiday; notifying local non-profits and charities of the impending asylum seekers.

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Ahh Claudia a few years from now I don’t want to hear you complaining about increased taxes. Youth today think all this “help” is free. Well it’s not free YOU pay in taxes for their “free lunches” health care and schooling to get them enployed while they recieve a check that you pay for in guesss what TAXES!

Why bother having laws? Why bother with ICE or any law enforcement agencies? Why not let the country open to everyone in the world, just to make them happy? No problem we’ll be happy to pay for all their needs. Our politicians want the United States to be just like the country’s these people are coming from, so why not accommodate everyone and let them all in? Who cares what the American people want, the people we send to Washington want this to be an open country like all of Europe so let’s chuck it all and let them all in. But then who’s going to bail us out and where are we going to be able to go when the United States is a huge dung heap?

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DNC getup the illegal vote program. Soon your vote will be cancelled. They call it the browning of America. White people and conservative are irrelavent as are Americans unless they agree with the DNC. Judicial tyranny ends America.

I wish they would bus them to Hollywood and in the neighborhoods of the Demon Rat politicians.

It was Obama’s plan to open the borders, instruction ICE and border patrol not to interfere; George W. called it just a migration, people looking for work, a natural phenomenon. why all the hysteria? It was the long range plan for Hillary to continue the ruse, abolish ICE, open the borders, eliminate the 1st and 2nd Amendments and establish a totally socialist governemtn. Obviously, that would require the elemination of gun owners, confiscation of all weapons… no need to continue…You know.

Trump lied to us. He said no more catch and release. This is too close for us. The illegals could be heading our way. They are not going to stay with those charities, they will flee.

He didn’t lie. His hands are tied. The laws are already in place. I think he was talking about criminal illegals, not just the ones crossing the border. Blame the Dems. They are the ones at fault for this and the Republicans have to take some blame as well.