REPORT: Michael Avenatti ‘Quietly Building’ 2020 Campaign ‘Machine’ | Sean Hannity

Celebrity lawyer Michael Avenatti is reportedly building his 2020 campaign “machine” in recent weeks, putting the pieces in place for a potential run against Donald Trump for the White House.

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This guy is “called creepy porn lawyer” for a reason. He is the slimiest, most underhanded attorney I have ever seen. He takes advantage of women for his own purposes and has no thoughts about how his actions may affect them. He will use anyone or anything to draw attention to himself. Bring it on, Creepy Porn Lawyer, we all need a good laugh!

Agree with you 100%, Debbie. This slime bucket should be disbarred for the fraudulent claims he and his creepy clients made against Judge Kavanaugh. I’m sure he’ll get Locasio Cortez’s vote, but that won’t be enough to win!!!