REPORT: Michael Avenatti ‘Quietly Building’ 2020 Campaign ‘Machine’ | Sean Hannity

Celebrity lawyer Michael Avenatti is reportedly building his 2020 campaign “machine” in recent weeks, putting the pieces in place for a potential run against Donald Trump for the White House.

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He relies on fools to give him money he is as bad as hillary both money whores, liars and just blame bad human beings/

How many states is he licenced to practice in? He should be disbarred for unethical behavior.

Well he does sound like a politician. Full of B.S. from the getgo. I can’t believe any body would be foolish enough to donate money to him. But then again so many are happy to give their money away on silly things. It doesn’t make sense how they became wealthy if they spend their money on frivolous endeavors. I wish they would donate money to me so I could get golf lessons from a pro and travel around to some of the really good golf courses. That wouldn’t be a waste of money. Not to me anyway.

His license (#206929) The State Bar Of California it’s all a matter of public record.