REPORT: Lisa Page Transcripts Reveal Explosive New Details on Anti-Trump ‘Insurance Policy’

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Recently released transcripts from former DOJ employee Lisa Page’s congressional testimony reveals new details on the anti-Trump “insurance policy” discussed with Peter Strzok and others during the 2016 presidential election.

“House Judiciary Committee Republicans on Tuesday released hundreds of pages of transcripts from last year’s closed-door interview with ex-FBI attorney Lisa Page, revealing new details about the bureau’s controversial internal discussions regarding an ‘insurance policy’ against then-candidate Donald Trump,” reports Fox News.

“So, upon the opening of the crossfire hurricane investigation, we had a number of discussions up through and including the Director regularly in which we were trying to find an answer to the question, right, which is, is there someone associated with the [Trump] campaign who is working with the Russians in order to obtain damaging information about Hillary Clinton,” Page said. “And given that it is August, we were very aware of the speed and sensitivity that we needed to operate under.”

“[W]e don’t need to go at a total breakneck speed because so long as he doesn’t become President, there isn’t the same threat to national security, right,” Page added. “But if he becomes President, that totally changes the game.”

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