REPORT: Latest Caravan Crosses into Mexico ‘Legally and Illegally,’ Heads Towards US Border | Sean Hannity

The latest Central American ‘migrant caravan’ crossed into Mexico both “legally and illegally” Friday; setting the stage for a showdown with American authorities as the undocumented workers head north.

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National emergency time

The first well funded well organized invasion did not work.
So the lefty operatives are at it again.These invaders will be kept out. Jast like the last time.
And this is proof we need a wall and permanent stationing of US Military on the Southern Border.

No need for military–states have the authority to call out the militia and there are plenty members to do the task without compromising our constitution with federal troops patrolling.

With nothing to deter them why would they stop? If they get into the country they are home free thanks to the stupid laws on the books.