REPORT: Jerome Corsi to SUE ROBERT MUELLER for $350 Million in Damages | Sean Hannity

Conservative author Jerome Corsi -accused of lying under oath by the special counsel’s office- sued Robert Mueller’s team Monday; asking for $350 million in damages after claiming Mueller committed “various constitutional violations” during his investigation into Russia-Trump collusion.

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I could easily imagine 100 of us joining this lawsuit as Mr. Corsi just seems to me like a nice guy and nobody needs 350 million bucks Dorothy. I am sure he would agree with such.
I am convinced that Mueller is directly responsible for my soybean shortfall this year as we have caught him red-handed.
Just after dark all summer long sitting on the porch I said to my wife Dorothy, “Does that look like Bobby out in the field rooting around again?” She said, “You have been infatuated with Bobby Mueller since high school when you said to him he looked like a Giraffe, and don’t forget you made fun of him in wanting to be just like Elliot Ness.”
I was just plain concerned over him as he was too tall and he got his legs tangled when he ran and even back then he was eating old man Jones beans. He never ate any beef and everybody knew darn well Robert Stack ate steaks.
OH Well, we will never agree on the bean shortfall this year, but I sure did not think he would turn out to be such a vindictive, mean critter of a man. Honest folks just do not keep people in jail that he knew were innocent.
Well, Dorothy, I hate to go back to the beans but Bobby comes to town regular like and flies back to DC with a sack of beans. Beans make you mean and all you got to do is look at these hogs around the farm.
I am going to join this lawsuit with this Corsi fella just to give him some moral support and when Bobby lays his eyes on me, Oh!, You know he will know the gig is up, cause I got some real dirt on that Daddy-Long Legged Huckster.
You’re not going to make it public about the Sheep?
Well, Dorothy he surely had no trouble doing what he did with O’ Donnels sheep herd, and turn around and do the exact same thing to plain folks, and we all know they were guilty of very little.

I hope his suit goes forward and he is successful. Hopefully, more of those targeted by Mueller will follow his example. We don’t need this type of uncontrolled, kangaroo court operating in Washington with little to no oversight.

It is VERY concerning when the “justice” department has the ability to ruin a person financially and not be held accountable. The ONLY one gaining any ground are the lawyers representing those accused AND the lawyers in Muller’s circus. They are getting rich. IF Flynn is innocent, he must be made whole again.