REPORT: James Comey ‘CONSULTED’ with Mueller Team Over Russia TESTIMONY

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A new report from a government watchdog agency revealed this week that former FBI Director James Comey “consulted” with special counsel Robert Mueller regarding the bureau boss’s testimony to Congress.

According to Sara Carter, Comey “was advised by senior FBI officials to seek” Mueller’s advice ahead of his testimony before “any congressional committee” about Russian election interference during the 2016 race for the White House.

“Comey was also advised to seek Mueller’s counsel on the circumstances surrounding his firing by Trump before providing testimony to Congress, the Department of Justice emails obtained by Judicial Watch reveal. It is the first time evidence reveals there was coordination between the Special Counsel and Comey in the long drawn out controversial Mueller investigation,” writes Carter.

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So what? This isnt news

Yeah, I thought we knew that already.

Good for Comey.

I remember that this was mentioned when it happened. At the time it was explained that since Comey started the investigation it was a good idea for him to be updated on what Mueller was doing before he appeared.
It seems reasonable that he would be prepared not to comment on certain aspects of an ongoing investigation.
Why do some folks now think that this should be some sort of issue?

Grasping at straws, it’s all they got.

Is this the weirdness of RW outrage/victimhood?

It’s not an issue. It makes perfect legal sense. This is just another attempt to undermine Mueller. Nothing more.

I understand the concept of hedging your bet. But the CEC has done so much to try to discredit Mueller, Comey and the investigation, what if it finds nothing of substance? It would be most entertaining to watch them do a 180 and make them their best buddies.

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We did.

Great point. One thing is certain, their hypocrisy knows no bounds. :rofl:

This is sneakys line of thought that they are buddies and whatever…

Some of these folks pretend like they were next door neighbors who took family vacations together and were Godparents to each other’s kids, as opposed to the reality of them simply being work colleagues.

No wonder Trump loves the poorly uneducated. They are just like him - prattling on about stuff everyone else knows already, but believing they just learned something that no one knows about.

Lol. Does the double negative mean you’ll be voting Trump/Pence 2020?

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It probably means the Facilitator @GWH needs to get the edit issue resolved. :flushed:

…Looks around for nearest exit to flee before being banned…


I may change that title to “Casual Observer”

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Doh! :man_facepalming:

Yeah. I remember it contemporaneously, too. And part of it was to have a common understanding of what could be divulged in the classified session versus the public testimony. He did both, remember.