REPORT: Illegal Border Crossings to Hit 100,000 People THIS MONTH After 'Surge' from 'Caravan'

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The number of illegal immigrants crossing into the United States rose sharply in January and February this year, with US authorities warning as many as 100,000 Central American migrants will likely breach the border in March alone.

A new report from the Washington Post shed stunning new light on the border crisis, saying “The number of migrants taken into custody last year jumped 39 percent from February to March, and a similar increase this month would push levels to 100,000 detentions or more.”

“While arrests along the border fell in recent years to their lowest levels in half a century, they are now returning to levels not seen since the George W. Bush administration, driven by the record surge in the arrival of Central American families,” adds the Post.

The revelation comes just weeks after President Trump declared a “national emergency” along the US-Mexico border; effectively bypassing Congress to obtain funds for his long-promised border wall.

Read the full report at the Washington Post.