REPORT: House Democrats Plan to Unleash Another ‘VAST’ Russia Probe to Last into 2020

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As the Senate and special counsel’s investigation into allegations of Russian collusion are reportedly wrapping-up in the near future; House Democrats are preparing to launch another “vast” probe into President Trump’s personal and business finances.

“Mueller is just the beginning. House Democrats plan a vast probe of President Trump and Russia — with a heavy focus on money laundering — that will include multiple committees and dramatic public hearings, and could last into 2020,” writes Axios.

“The aggressive plans were outlined yesterday by a Democratic member of Congress at a roundtable for Washington reporters. The member said Congress plans interviews with new witnesses, and may go back to earlier witnesses who ‘stonewalled’ under the Republican majority,” adds the report.

The news comes just hours after Republicans and Democrats on the Senate Intel Committee confirmed they’ve seen “no direct evidence” the Trump campaign coordinated with Russian officials during the 2016 presidential election.

Read the full report here.

Maybe Mueller, and the Democrat Politicians can ask for money into the Russian
Probe until 2030?

That way they can keep wasting American Taxpayers money for another 11 years,
and sit there and I’m sure they’d justify this “Witch Hunt” some how!

Talk about voters getting scammed. :roll_eyes: Dems do not plan to do anything about their campaign promises, its all investigation, resistance and division. It’s a shame.

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I’m just wondering how long they’re going to keep pushing to the
far left, before they start appealing to moderates, and people in the middle
to get their votes?

I think that they’re pushing to far to the left, that they’re going to ruin getting
the votes in the middle of the spectrum Politically.

By far the biggest scam to the Dem voters is if they believe
that the Democratic Politicians aren’t pushing to make it a Socialist Party.

Let them keep pushing toward socialism and expose themselves for what they are. Dems are literally “in our face” with their anti-American agenda.

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