REPORT: Homeland Security Calls in CDC After Increase of ‘Sick Migrants’ at Border

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The Department of Homeland Security called in the Center for Disease Control for additional resources this week; requesting further aid to treat and analyze a “growing number” of sick migrants along the US-Mexico border.

According to the Daily Caller, “The Department of Homeland Security (DHS) is requesting that the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) investigate the cause of the growing number of sick migrants illegally crossing the U.S.-Mexico border.”

“We’re doing dozens of hospital trips every single day with children that have fevers or manifest other medical conditions,” CBP Commissioner Kevin McAleenan said Wednesday.

“[These facilities] were built 30 to 40 years ago for single adult males, and we need a different approach. We need help from Congress. We need to budget for medical care and mental health care for children in our facilities,” he added.

Other DHS officials also confirmed that Homeland Secretary Kirstjen Nielsen requested information from Mexican politicians over sanitation and living conditions of the ‘migrant caravan’ camps in Tijuana and other locations in the region.

The move comes days after the tragic deaths of two minors while under US custody.

Read the full story at the Daily Caller.

Never mind Med care! How about get the military to find out if this is a sickness to get Americans sick.
We need to know what this sickness is that is coming in our country. American Indians were killed off by spreading sickness that was in blankets. We need to fear this possibility.


Numerous diseases were brought to North America, including smallpox , bubonic plague, chickenpox, cholera, the common cold, diphtheria, influenza , malaria, measles , scarlet fever, sexually transmitted diseases, typhoid, typhus, tuberculosis, pertussis ( whooping cough), etc.

Oh that is true.

Too bad the Native American xenophobes didn’t build a Wall to keep them nasty Europeans out!

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It is true that life for us has been advanced to help all others. My point is to learn from the past with us having so many wanting to do in the USA. Sickness is a way that can kill us off faster then we will figure out it’s even going on.

Nearly 350 thousand international passengers a day arrive in US Airports, coming from every country our southern border caravan peoples are coming from, as well as all points across the globe.

Compared to about 400 thousand a year coming to our southern border.

The likelihood of disease coming here is far greater for it to be transported in first class or coach.

Alerting the CDC to apparent elevated levels of illnesses in illegal immigrants being taken into custody at our border is a wise move, I will grant them that.

However the CDC budget for the fiscal year that just ended in September of 2018 had been cut by 17%, with the president slashing the CDC budget down from $7.1 billion in FY 2016 and FY 2017 down to only $5.6 billion for its 2019 budget.

You are right! But if you have a target such as LA where the filth is in the streets…incubation has a better chance to spread in a city of people trying to avoid attention such as what has happen in El Paso, TX

All the more reason Trump’s mean spirited ICE methods are , arguably, going to have a greater negative affect in that they will drive both legal and illegal immigrant populations into the shadows.

I had been supporting his enhanced enforcement of our immigration laws until such enforcement became mean spirited, until he ignored the dire and desperate need for more immigration judges-lawyers-court workers, until he killed DACA, and lastly until he seemed to turn a blinded prosecution eye to those who hire illegals.

I’m shocked that people who walked 2,500 + miles, without much food or water are getting sick.

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Good thing people vaccinate their kids oh wait.

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pretty much all of those are easily treated or you should have been vaccinated for unless your parent were moron who got their medical advice from a former playboy playmate.

Xcon, you seem to be saying that we need to be fearful and we need to replace medical care with military intervention.

Not sure where you are coming from, but how about we be thoughtful and apply science where it is useful.

Enlighten me. Can you cite a medical problem that was successfully addressed with a military intervention?

Be very afraid!!!

I refer you to read…