REPORT: Former Intel Officers Use Security Clearances ‘TO GET RICH’ | Sean Hannity

A new report from the NY Post highlights how former intelligence officers and officials use their top security clearance to “get rich,” citing multiple examples from previous administrations dating back years.

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Good for them!

Woo Hoo!

Did the Fake News discover any criminal activity by these people who retained security clearances?

Or are they just trying to be divisive regarding security clearances as it will help bolster Trumps idiotic ranting about them of late?

How many Fox News “expert” contributors are profiting off their still having security clearances?

n Comey’s case, shortly after he was “given access” to the Bush-era NSA surveillance program as deputy attorney general, he notoriously pushed for changes — essentially tweaking the program’s “legal rationale.” These changes gave rise to the FISA rubber stamp while Comey went on to take a lucrative job with the largest spy contractor in history: Lockheed Martin.

We know Comey’s net worth in 2003 was $206,000, which skyrocketed when he raked in well over $10 million in the private sector before he returned to lead the FBI in 2013. Comey bagged $6.1 million in a single year at Lockheed Martin.

Why would Lockheed Martin pay Comey so much money? Well, his access to top-secret program intel is one possibility. Another is what that security clearance provided access to — top-secret contracts from his old buddy, Robert Mueller.

In 2008, the FBI under Mueller awarded Lockheed Martin a contract worth $1 billion. This massive project, called Next Generation Identification, was to build a biometric surveillance program that would essentially turn everyone’s face into a fingerprint using facial recognition technology. NGI has since been called a massive and invasive “boondoggle.”

Examples like this go right to the heart of the issue of maintaining security clearances for ex-top officials. In theory, former officials retain their security clearances to, if called upon, provide some advice, context or background to their successors. Too often, officials go to work for large contractors like Lockheed Martin and Booz Allen Hamilton, where their still-active security clearances will be mutually profitable.

Interestingly, one of Obama’s last official acts as president sought to “modernize” the processes relating to security clearances.

Three days before he left office, Obama issued an Executive Order that consolidated investigative functions in the security-clearance review process. That same day, the Defense Department updated its guidelines for renewals of security clearances, increasing the expiration date for certain clearance holders from five to 10 years, supposedly to address a “backlog” of background investigations.

That last-minute move by the Obama administration quite possibly doubled the amount of time that men like Brennan, Clapper and Comey can cash in on their clearances.

Brennan lied under oath. Is that crime enough for you?


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