REPORT: Federal Judge Orders State Dept, DOJ to ‘REOPEN’ Hillary Email Probe | Sean Hannity

A United States judge ordered the Department of Justice and the Department of State to “reopen” their investigation into Hillary Clinton’s use of a private email server Thursday evening; raising the stakes in the government’s efforts to receive answers regarding the former Secretary of State’s handling of classified material.

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All of the players in the exonerating of Hillary Clinton need to be investigated by people that are interested in getting to the truth and not busy trying to set her free. They need to be investigated for real and if found guilty of crimes sentenced and brought to justice in such a manner that it would be offensive for anyone to try the same things in the future.

John, I could not have written this better. And, just to add to this. Per Sara Carter’s commentary Friday, a special counsel must be created to investigate properly: Hillary Clinton’s involvement with the FISA abuse/dossier, Her email scandal and destroying of federal property and deceive the American people, and all of the DOJ /FBI corrupt officials and their role to leak and conspire to corrupt our Federal election process. To your point, this is necessary so that future government officials cannot take this same complex process of corruption and abuse of power. And, if the left tries to block the formation of this counsel, it should not be allowed, as it does not matter who the minority is , the Left was able to get the special counsel with Mueller, and the Repubs control the Senate anyways. If the left tries to block, then you know they are trying to hide the truth

If all of the players doing every backhanded thing were factually investigated, it would take a special counsel group of honest investigators a very long time. This would effectively have to be a group out of the main governing body, so it won’t bog down government processes, just like the demorat party intends to do. That in any civilian job would be clear cause for termination, and every obstructionist should be terminated, as they are simply wasting the taxpayer money, instead of fullfilling their job requirements. Get them out without a doubt!

They Really need to do this, this time, NO MORE TWO TIERED JUSTICE SYSTEM, GET IT DONE THIS TIME

Sandra, I have suspisions about this reopening of the HEM prob. why did they reopen this investigation the day before Comey is set to testify? It’s so “in the face” of the investigative commitee - Comey cannot answer any questions about any “ongoing investigations”!!!