REPORT: FBI’s McCabe Discussed TRUMP DOSSIER with CNN Before Leak

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According to recently reviewed emails between former officials inside the FBI, former Deputy Director Andrew McCabe was “aware” that CNN had obtained a copy of the infamous Trump dossier days before it was publicly known.

The Federalist is reporting that the emails -obtained by GOP Senator Ron Johnson of Wisconsin- confirm that McCabe had an “internal understanding” of the news network’s handling of the unverified and Clinton-financed dossier, going so far as to use “coded language” to refer to the document.

“Two days after the briefing, on January 8, 2017, former FBI deputy director Andrew McCabe, who earlier this year was fired and then referred for criminal prosecution by the DOJ inspector general for repeatedly lying about media leaks, wrote an e-mail to top FBI officials with the subject, ‘Flood is coming,’” writes the Federalist.

“CNN is close to going forward with the sensitive story,” McCabe wrote to Comey, Rybicki, and two others. “The trigger for them is they know the material was discussed in the brief and presented in an attachment.”

Read the full report at The Federalist.

I read the OP and the attached link. I’m not sure what the story is here? Can someone help me out on why this is important?

If this is true, it means… nothing.

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The headline implies McCabe colluded with CNN. The story contains no such information. The headline is incorrect.

Narrative building.

After all, since McCabe knew that CNN had the dossier, it’s plausible to believe that he must have given it to them.

And plausibility, however remote = truth.

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I wonder if anyone could find any evidence to support “McCabe discussed Trump dossier with CNN” in the article.

Ah…gotcha. That makes sense now, and why it was confusing. Without partisan blinders on, I struggled to read between the lines.

Comey already stated that it was Clapper who wanted the briefing for Trump. The same Clapper that subsequently went to work with CNN. I’m not sure what part McCabes knowing about CNN would have done.

I wonder if the Administrator will return with the notation that is the basis for the title of the OP? I also could not find a reference that he discussed it directly with CNN.

Got to love the silly Hannity Hair on Fire OP’S!

Only thing I can think of somehow Mcabe knew that cnn had the document and was ready to run with it.

How would CNN know the trigger of it being discussed in the brief?

Probably because the Trump administration leaks like a sieve. Especially so in the beginning of their administration. Would be my natural guess.

That was prior to the election, and they hadn’t breifed the president yet. CNN article from Jan 10, 2017 says he was briefed a week ago. WELL before he was sworn in as president.

Trump and Obama were briefed last week on a two-page synopsis of a report compiled by a former British spy at the behest of opposition researchers.

So roughly Jan 3rd. How much leaking was done at that time? Not even in the white house yet?

Also I just gave you an idea how he would know the trigger and that CNN was just waiting to go with it.

I’m still not following. Sorry, not trying to be obtuse here. What was prior to the election? How much leaking was coming out of the Trump transition to the White House? A ton.

Is the accusation here that McCabe leaked the dossier to CNN? Or that he leaked the briefing Comey gave Trump on the dossier to CNN?

Like I said their MO is to Distract, Distort, Report, Ladies and Gentlemen I give you exhibit B.

Anyone think McCabe might have been aware that CNN had it because CNN contacted the FBI for a comment on it?


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