REPORT: Elizabeth Warren Introduces Legislation BANNING Nuclear First-Strike Option

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Potential 2020 democratic hopeful Elizabeth Warren introduced legislation Monday to effectively ban the United States’ first-strike nuclear option; saying the bill would “reduce” the risk of a nuclear war.

“The Massachusetts Democrat has introduced a bill with Democratic U.S. Rep. Adam Smith of Washington that would make it the official policy of the United States not to use nuclear weapons first,” writes the Boston Herald. “The lawmakers say the United States currently retains the option to be the first to use nuclear weapons in a conflict, even in response to a non-nuclear attack.”

Elizabeth Warren introduces bill to ban U.S. first-strike nuclear option

— The Washington Times (@WashTimes) February 3, 2019

The legislation is co-sponsored by Sen. Ed Markey and California Democratic Rep. Ted Lieu.

Read the full report at the Boston Herald.

What are we supposed to do just wait to be attacked before we strike a threatening enemy? We’ve already done that in WWII and again on 9/11! What is wrong with these liberals anyway who actually live in areas where they would be the first to be targeted.

I prefer the “peace through strength” policy where no enemy would even think of attacking the United States.