REPORT: Congresswoman Accused of ‘Anti-Semitic Slur’ after Calling Trump ‘Motherf***er’ | Sean Hannity

A recently sworn-in Democratic congresswoman found herself in hot-water for the second time this week; reportedly using an ‘anti-Semitic slur’ on social media after calling President Trump a ‘motherf***er.’

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this woman must resign, or be thrown out of congress, she is not fit to be in congress, this is a mockery to our constitution, every congress man woman must ask for her removal her insanity and hate have no place in congress


I agree. This kind of DIVISIVE HATE cannot and should NOT be condoned. Her next step WILL be to promote violence.


Agree!!! 100%

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This woman is not even a good muslim. She curses, doesn’t wear headwear and she sets herself up against a man. When one of us christians behave that way we call them backsliders. I felt in love with America when I was just a little boy. I got the love of America when I visited America for the first time and strangers talked to me. I was hooked on America. I still love America but it is no longer the America I fell in love with. This because of all the hate and division. I have never been into politics before but when Obama was in office my friends in America who did not like him still said that he is their President and they were praying for him. I have tried to find it but I can not find one democrat saying the same way about President Trump. The left is making America more and more ugly. Keep fighting patriots and President Trump!

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LOL you haters FAIL too see all the HATE, RACISM, SEXISM and 30-100 LIES – everyday!! … every single day … ya all have to look in the mirror … so shameful. If you REALLY think she is ‘guilty’ then Trump should be in federal prison – WAKE UP!!!

then Trump should have resigned about 2 years ago - WAKE UP hypocrite!!!

Well in the USA she does NOT have to be a good Muslim, just a good American and if you think shes the problem… ask SEAN about the ‘whatabouts’ … WHATABOUT TRUMP … HELLO???

Hypocrisy is deep with the Hannity crowd … go figure!!!

You don’t even need to look in the mirror to see your hipocrisy. …Just look at your username.

Oh, and by the way, what specific crimes has Trump been convicted of that warrant federal prison. WAKE UP!

Go piss up a rope anti-American hater…