REPORT: Chicago Ranked ‘Most Corrupt City’ in the United States

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A new report published by the University of Illinois officially ranked Chicago “the most corrupt big city” in the United States; using Department of Justice data to track “public corruption” and high-profile scandals.

“The report, titled ‘Corruption in Chicago and Illinois,’ released Monday from the University of Illinois at Chicago notes that while there’s been a decline in recent years of federal convictions for public corruption, the Windy City still leads other localities,” writes Fox News.

“Additionally, Illinois remains the third most corrupt state when compared on a per capita basis to other large states and the District of Columbia,” adds the report.

“These five districts, Chicago, Los Angeles, Manhattan, Miami and Washington D.C. led all of the 93 federal judicial districts for the 47-year period since 1976,” it concludes.

Read the full report here.

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What does that say about the Democratic Party in general?