REPORT: California Ranked as ‘Least-Educated State’ in the Nation

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California takes the top spot as the least-educated state in the nation in a recent finding from the US Census Bureau published this week, reports CNS News.

According to CNS, the Golden State ranks number one due to the number of residents aged 25-years and older who haven’t graduated from high school.

“California ranks No. 1 among the 50 states for the percentage of its residents 25 and older who have never completed ninth grade and 50th for the percentage who have graduated from high school,” writes CNS.

The report finds 9.7% of California residents 25 and older have “never completed the ninth grade” and just 82.5% have graduated from High School.

“In fact, the 2,510,370 California residents 25 and older who, according to the Census Bureau, never finished ninth grade outnumber the entire populations of 15 other states,” adds the website.

Read the full report here.

So California in one year moved from the middle of the pack(26th) to dead last?
Jumping over the likes of Mississippi, Alabama, West Virginia, Louisiana, and Arkansas. Yeah okay LOL!

However when I saw the source of this article and knowing its track record…I’m calling Fake news!
Instead of depending on right or left wing propaganda pieces how bout researching pieces that’s not motivated by partisan politics. Know damn well California is not the least educated state in America. smh

A high school dropout in California is better educated than a high school graduate in Florida.