REPORT: Bruce Ohr’s Wife Tasked with Researching Trump’s Children for FUSION GPS | Sean Hannity

The wife of senior Justice Department official Bruce Ohr was tasked with researching then-candidate Donald Trump’s children during her time at Fusion GPS, reports the Daily Caller.

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It is becoming apparent that the President will need to declassify many documents and other records if we the people are to what happened and who did the nasty deeds?

All this wrong doing discovered over the past two years, but what of it? They are just laughing at everything they have gotten away with. Nothing is being done to bring justice to all this. I however am putting my faith in the fact that President Trump is an extremely smart man, and that somehow…someway…he will triumph!

I agree. The President MUST declassify all those documents to vindicate his name…it is essential for his re-election campaign which will start soon. Also the AG must begin to do “his job” and bring criminal charges against hillary and the clinton family crime cartel. NO MERCY. Justice MUST BE SERVED to them – in full with 4 years of interest/penalties!!

Put all of the “secrets” out! The C.I.A. needs to be DESTROYED. This organization is not Constitutional period.

Mark Ratchford

The only way many Americans, especially those who think they are getting the “real news” every night on the big three networks, will fully know and understand what has really happened will be for all of these documents to be declassified and made public. I think if that could happen, even the biased news networks and newspapers could not ignore the facts and would be finally forced to talk about it.

The crap of all this is that Nellie and Bruce Ohr continue in their jobs on our taxpayer dime…!! Neither has been held accountable for their partisan crimes…!

The current situation (political) is 1000x’s worse than the Y2K frenzy! Fear was blasted into the public on a daily basis, many attempting to profit from the projected disaster. Today, everyone has the “latest” and the “truth”. I have investigated most of my life and attempt to verify claims and reports being given. Unfortunately, very few can be proven. Much is being reported or claimed as being totally true, it is very easy to prove them false. When arrest are made and trials are public, I will believe only a portion of what is seen. We continue to be slaves and the slave-masters remain free and continue to use us. The end is a total reset from the top to the lowest. Freedom will require blood- it always has.