REPORT: Bernie Sanders Hires ‘Illegal Immigrant’ as New Campaign Spokesperson | Sean Hannity

Vermont Senator and 2020 Democratic hopeful Bernie Sanders has reportedly hired an “illegal immigrant” and DACA-recipient as his new campaign spokesperson, reports Fox News.

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Bernie Sanders is just trying to slap our immigration system in the face. If she truly is illegal, I.C.E. needs to take a look at the situation.

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ICE ICE BABY :+1::grin:
Plus they need to charge Commie Bernie for breaking federal hiring laws… But we all know that won’t EVER happen :face_with_symbols_over_mouth:

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It’s all out of spite…The democrats are ruining this country with their hatred for OUR president…SAD world we live in with then in it. They all need to go on the other side of OUR border wall!

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so what is the federal charge and fine for hiring known illegals? Slap him with it all.

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What is sad someone hating someone else for having a job to show not all illegals are villians. I was an illegal to escape poverty and crimes in jamaica, then i earned my citizenship and i do a lot for the community without taking credit because im happy to be alive and blessed to put something in my stomach. What we fail to realize we all are one race, the human race. When god come to put us to the next level. Hes not going to look at or skin color or whats external but look on how we treat each other with malice, no matter where the person come from show them love that you may change the world with 1 act of kindness and not oppress our foreigners. Smh to a society who dont believe in second chances, like any of us havent sin before.

Also pretty sure if a world war break out and things get hostile hear, if we choose to take refuge to another country even in a trip. None of us would like to be split up, lock up, and be tortured to death for existing . food for thought

It says shes a daca recipient. I would like to know what fsmily members she is talking about who are eligible to vote?

Don’t you know? Politicians in Washington believe they are above the law. They even make sure that not all laws apply to them.