REPORT: ANOTHER Migrant Caravan Forming in Honduras, Will Leave for US ‘Next Week’ | Sean Hannity

A new report from the Washington Post published Friday revealed “another migrant caravan” is “forming” in Honduras with plans to leave “next week,” setting the stage for second showdown with Mexican and American authorities.

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Historically, a large group, matching out, waving their national flag, is an invading army marching into battle. How is this any different. Even bringing along women and children is not that unusual. Even the ancient Vandals, Goths and Huns brought along families to set up settlements when they invaded new territory.

If we don’t get a resolution to this soon there will be catastrophic consequences. The humanitarian crisis is only going to grow worse. We need border security and we need to address the humanitarian needs of the migrants. What will it take to get the Democrats to work together with POTUS?

Absolutely nothing will get the Dems to work with Trump or any other Republican POTUS. Even if ISIS exploded a nuke in Los Angeles, they would blame Trump and the Republicans.

Who is organizing these large groups? I cannot remember this ever happening in the past, why now? Since California is a sanctuary state, dump the whole caravan in Orange county and let them find them jobs there

I totally agree with you. When they cross our border illegally, they have broken the law. This is the only country in the world that would allow this to happen. How about putting our citizens “first”. There are many people in the country living below the poverty level. Why not take care of them before spending millions on people who don’t even belong here.