Reparations of up to $800,000 for every Black Californian

I suppose there’s certain qualifications? Be that as it may, but if CA doesn’t pay up there will be trouble:

From “self-proclaimed ‘hip-hop organizer’” Deon Jenkins. :joy:

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In the article the guy says they are not asking but telling the state what to give them or there will be trouble.

That wouldn’t wash in TN. Who knows about Cali.

We would keep an eye on them i suppose but would not budge toward caving to them.

Do you doubt that virtually every black Californian feels the same way? You can’t dangle hundreds of thousands of dollars in front of people’s faces and not pay up.


Yeah, I’m pretty sure Deon Jenkins doesn’t speak for “virtually every Black Californian,” just as random white dudes in your state don’t speak for you.

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Just ADOS right?

It doesn’t matter if he’s the one going on about this. All it takes is enough parroting that “the government is gonna give all of us $800,000” and all hell will break loose if it doesn’t happen.

If Californians want to do that, I have no objections.

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Black people have the weakest claim in California.

California is now majority Latino, wonder how they feel about this?

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Exactly. And they have the stronger claim in California.

If black people in California start getting 800k for being black, I’m getting blastic surgery done and turning a profit. :rofl:


I’m already half black. I’m gonna mozy my ass over to Cali, get my money, and then ride back over to the south yelling “so long suckers!”


Hey, no fair, he only gets 400k! :rofl:


Platinum Program!

Trump was ready to give out reparations…

I’m gonna use my ghetto lingo knowledge and not mention the white half lol.


That’s the spirit! Let’s get that money!


Maybe. People are definitely stupid.


arent they proposing like 350k for real?

Race-based stimmy