Rep. Steve King publishes religious conservatives' letter calling for committee reinstatement

It appears that Steve King has a number of Christian leaders willing to speak up for him so he can return to leadership.

These 200 pro family conservatives say it’s the NY Times’ fault that King is in trouble.

Yeah? Did the NYT make King say the things that get him in trouble?

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Apologize to Steve King.

That is rich.

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King is a disaster and needs to go.
When a politician messes up as much as he has, he isn’t going to stop.


King is not a hill worth dying on. I’m surprised anyone is spending effort to repair his political standing.


I imagine he’s calling in some favors. I doubt these leaders came up with this idea on their own.


I can see that.

I know even if I “owed him favors”, I wouldn’t comply with this. But I don’t swim on the power pools that pols and big-money donors do, so I don’t really understand that world.

I’ll say this, though. I don’t see King as the uber-racist that he has been made out to be. Some of his statements (SOME of them) have been blown way out of proportion. Nonetheless, there is enough debris in his body of work that he makes the case easy to make. He’s profoundly damaged goods, and he has only himself to blame.

In my opinion, if his power-donors and supporters want to help him out, they ought to convince him to step aside, and if he does, then one of them cam hire him into their own organization if he’s such a valued asset.

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… or at least, offer him employment when he gets primaried in the next election cycle.

I think this is my favorite King quote since he is so pro Christianity…

"At the Republican National Convention in July, [Mr. King claims that] nonwhite groups haven’t contributed as much as whites to civilization: “This whole business does get a little tired. I would ask you to go back through history and figure out where are these contributions that have been made by these other categories of people you are talking about. Where did any other subgroup of people contribute more to civilization?”

I guess he never much studied the times before, during and after Jesus.

Still waiting for Trump to chime in.

Trump stated that Omar needed to resign.

When will he tell King it’s time to resign?

I agree with nearly all of this, but beyond just King-with Trump, and Warren, and all politicians. I think there’s just some really dumb ■■■■ that gets overblown toward politicians of ALL stripes.

I dont think King is an “uber racist” either. I think he’s got some worldview issues that are problematic.

I agree with your post.

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Get ‘em both out of there.

If there’s one thing that has been evident over the past 2 years it’s that Christian Conservative groups are generally full of ■■■■ and will support pretty much any Republican no matter how ■■■■■■ they are.


That’s different from Democrats supporting everyone… how?

I agree its the media and of course cowardly so called conservatives that can’t or won’t stand up to leftist harassment.

His point was that defending western civilization does not make you a white supremacist or nationalist. His mistake was taking a NYT interview…

Define “Wsstern Civilization “

Starts in Greece, then Rome, skip ahead to the enlightenment started by Newton, to Voltaire to industrial rev in England to modern world invented in America by guys like Bell and Tesla… and tons more… went to the moon.

What attacks are being made that the need to defend against it is a reality for you?

Also… I have my doubts that Uber religious Steve King is appreciative of Voltaire.

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