Rep. Kathy Castor (D - USSR) Pressures Google, Youtube to Censor Opposing Viewpoints

She’s the “chair” on House Select Committee for Climate Change and so uses the power of her position in government to try to suppress any dissenting views on google searches, or youtube

She sent a letter. Read it.

Democrats hate when people disagree with them and jeopardize their plans to control the economy. So they try to silence them.

Show this letter to your kids, classrooms to demonstrate how democrats abuse their power to control info

direct link to letter here

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Anything that competes with The Narrative is problematic.

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they already have “airport news” now they must go after google and youtube.

they hate when others think for themselves

Oh no! That won’t do at all!

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Baa Baa Indeed Baa

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This is a problem on many levels and Google should be broken up as a monopoly by the Federal Government. They are now too powerful and now manipulate search results using their algorithms that perpetuate their POV and WILL effect the outcome of future elections.


A monopoly over what?

I understand the need to break up monopolies. I’m not sure google fits the definition very well in various respects.

How would you even split up the search engine?


Should youtube have kept running ads on the anti-vaxxer stuff then?

To be clear this about advertising and promotion. Not getting them pulled from youtube et al.

I can see the problem but I do not know the answer. What’s worse is, I witnessed the questions asked by Senators to the heads of Google, Facebook and Twitter and realize, they are more clueless than I am about this? This is a problem because them not being neutral, especially in influencing upcoming elections and must be addressed.

Because there really isn’t an answer. The algorithm can’t be split up.

And if you spunoff youtube from google? It would probably collapse, since they’ve been running at a loss for so long. Hence their sensitivity to advertising backlashes re: the adpocalypse.

They have plenty of competitors on the search engine and video-hosting & streaming front. Which is why the monopoly angle doesn’t really fit.

Being the best and/or the most popular does not a monopoly make.

I’ve yet to encounter a problem, that when focused on, can not be solved and this surely isn’t one. The algorithm is written by man and produces the results desired by the writers of it. The bias is intentional and it is a problem that must be addressed. They aren’t neutral.

Actually a hell of a lot of the algorithm is written by machine, not man. Has been since 2016.

Are their competitors algorithms neutral?

So she sent a letter?

Youtube should run whatever ads they get paid for.

All should be treated the exact same in arriving at neutrality.

Why since 2016?

The advertisers demanded their ads be pulled from objectionable content on youtube. That’s how this all started.

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Their choice.

Started adding in machine learning, more AI basically.