Rep. karen bass Worries About White Supremacists Causing Violence in Louisville

I saw this yesterday, and there was at least one other idiot out there parroting this nonsense.

Here’s the “white supremacist” out shooting police in Louisville last night at the “peaceful protest”.

DEMOCRATS (politicians) are shameless.

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Great second link. Perfect example of the underlying issue. First…

That guy shot two officers and was immediately apprehended. He didn’t get to go home. Go on administrative leave. He was Arrested. The cops who killed Breonna? Still free as a Jaybird.

Two… President Trump could bother himself to comment on Breonna Taylor being shot while unarmed by cops. But he was quick to comment on cops getting shot and surviving. Both innocent and not deserving of being shot but Trump only comments on cops? Weak.

Lastly, shouldn’t we all worry about violence at these protest? Especially from the number 1 domestic terrorist group?


You completely missed the point of the OP.

There was a point?

If there wasn’t a point why did you respond?

He did comment about her yesterday, and then he told the assembled dimocrats he had to leave and one of them kept shouting questions at him as he was leaving.

He’s commented on her before as well.

Is there a rule that says I can’t respond to a post without a point?

What did he say?

Now compare that response to what he tweeted about the cops.

See a difference yet?

There was a point and trying to claim there isn’t is trolling. And yes posting something off topic is against the rules. Maybe you should read them.

It wasn’t off topic.

I used his link to comment.

He posted a link of a congresswoman saying she is worried that white Supremacists will infiltrate the protest. Which they have before… then he posts a picture of someone who shot two cops, inadvertently apparently.

How does the second link prove the first link wrong?

What I thought you said there was no point?

There isn’t… I just posted why.

Quit trolling. You couldn’t ask the question how one disproves the other if you didn’t know the point.

Kudos on the mental gymnastics. You should be a politician or a community organizer/activist.

The DNC has spent the entire summer attempting to create the narrative that most of the riots are the product of white supremacists. It makes it easier for Democrat DAs to refuse to charge rioters, and for Democrat VP candidates to bail said rioters out to continue their destruction.

Is the umbrella man behind bars yet? That should solve the problem.

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Dude your not a mod. Report the post if if bothers you so much.

Begs the question, why are Democrats bailing out violent white supremacists.

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You got me there. You’d think nothing screams “racism” more than privileged white college kids torching minority businesses.


Chamber of commerce leans heavily republican, so it’s all good.

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