Rep. Jim Jordan denies any knowledge of sexual abuse or misconduct, eye-witnesses say he directly witnessed it


IF HE KNEW , He is Guilty of being a weak individual for not standing up and doing the right thing. But so are the parents who knew and the other coaches and players.


We don’t know that none of them saw or heard anything.

We have accusations that multipler coaches knew, not just Jordan.

If they did, it wouldn’t exactly be surprising to see them deny any knowledge. As was the case with Penn state, and with Nasser.


I don’t disagree. If Jordon knew about it then he deserves everything that comes down the pipe.

But I find this timing extremely suspicious…and why others aren’t being accused of knowing.


Ah not coaches, athletic director:

“DiSabato said he told Jim Jones, the athletic director from 1987 to 1994, when he presented his master’s thesis on issues of substance and sexual abuse among athletes at the school.
DiSabato said he believes that Jones’ successor, Andy Geiger, also knew because DiSabato said two athletes told him they reported the abuse to Geiger.
CNN has reached out to Jones and Geiger, but neither has responded to requests for comment”


Some of them made statements well of course he knew cause the doctor took showers with us and soaped up and heard the rumors. does that mean Jordan saw what happened?

Also these people are in college which seems odd to me as well that no one made police reports.


Just because I think Jordan should face the music does not mean I think anyone else should be given a free pass for their inaction.


Right - and they shouldn’t be in congress either…


That is odd he wrote a Thesis but didn’t report it to the police? Or even the Dean?
So then DiSabato is just as weak as Jordan is for continuing to let it happen and only writing a Thesis about it. He could have gone to the police when he wrote the thesis.


Took a while to catch Sandusky too. Check the timeline. And the parallels.


Going after the victims, nice.

It’s common for victims to not make reports.

And when they do, they often get attacked anyway. As we’re seeing now.


Funny how libs all knew Clinton knowingly defended a child rapist and then laugh about it didn’t have a problem of her being president.


Nice deflection.





How am i attacking HE WROTE A PAPER ON IT.
He could have walked that over to the police and or the dean.


No. DiSabato at least went to school authorities. The person responsible for the team’s safety in the locker room however did absolutely nothing.


Again Sandusky DID the stuff.

Jordan lack of doing nothing makes him a weak human being.
As i said I think he should do what Etsy did and not put himself up for re-election.


Up to 2000 victims, 14 different sports.

All weak?


If true, he should be charged with failure to report abuse. And he will likely be sued by any of the victims that were molested during his tenure, due to him turning a blind eye.

With failure to report abuse. Absolutely. Anyone who knew and was in a position of power needs to be held accountable. Just like those involved in the Sandusky abuse and the Nassar abuse.


I’m not comparing Jordan to Sandusky. I am comparing the cases, because the parallels are there.

It’s going to end up that most of the coaching faculty knew, imo. Maybe not all of it, but enough.


I don’t get it. How is it that college Athletes can’t defend themselves against a doctor who is so old he died. Sign of the times? I not an athlete, but I don’t believe that could ever happen to me.