Rep. Jim Jordan denies any knowledge of sexual abuse or misconduct, eye-witnesses say he directly witnessed it


Then maybe we should wait and see what they have to say…don’t you think?


What I mean is, like penn state everyone around the pervert said they didn’t know a thing about it, but the evidence proved conclusively that they did.

I think the university is looking into everyone that could have known. That we have only heard about Jim Jordon isn’t that surprising. He’s a US Senator. That makes his name more of a national story.


Jordan couldn’t of known about what was happening in his locker room because it was also happening elsewhere?


Jordon isn’t a senator.


Why isn’t Jordan cooperating with those at the University investigating this?


Lol. Jim Jordon = We should wait and see. Mueller investigation = should be stopped now before we hear the evidence and we should label Rosenstein a Weasel.


No it shouldn’t. He is responsible for his own behavior.


It’s laughable.


The timing of this does seem to feel like a Hit article on Jordan.

But I am not sure what should be actually done in this case.
What was done with Parents who watched as the Doctor did it in the gymnastics case.
Then we have Elizebeth Esty in Connecticut give the sexual predator in her campaign a higher paying job and got him another job when he harassed women in her campaign and even threatened the life of one woman. She denied it and wouldn’t step down.
She just said she isn’t running for office again.

So What do people think should happen to Jordan?
I honestly don’t know what should happen , should he follow Esty’s way and not put himself up for re-election I think that might be the better option.

But what about all the other coaches past and present who knew what should happen to them?


What legally could happen to Jordan?
So do you think the Parents who let the doctor do things infront of them with their daughters be charged with Child Abuse as well?


I’d assume if they are still working with children, they would be fired.

Al Franken quit over a bad taste and inappropriate joke photo. He did it because he felt the Senate should hold high standards and he let them down.

Jordon should quit.


I do. Absolutely.


But Franken actually did things.
Jordan is the opposite not actually doing anything.
They are not the same.


I’m not saying they shouldn’t investigate.

But apparently you view actual text message of political bias not being bias but hearsay at truth.

Who knows what is in the minds of radical libs anymore.


And if he had done something then maybe there wouldn’t have been the number of victims that there are.


It will be all or most of them.


They’re saying Jordon should have known about, therefor he’s just as guilty.

Meanwhile out of 14 other sports that Strauss was involved with none of other coaches seen nothing?

But somehow Jordon must have known.


Yeah they know they’re in deep ■■■■ now.


Ok but they were not charged for anything.

I think it is disgusting that if Jordan knew and did nothing.
Does that reflect to who he is now?

Again i was against Al Franken stepping down. Because i believe it was in Franken’s past and he didn’t do it while he held the office.

So I am on the fence on this with Jordan that i can see applying the same logic. It was not done in Office.


And same could be said about the X number of coaches and the X number of parents who let it go on.
So lets crucify 1 person for inaction and not the rest?

All this is showing to me is Jim Jordan was a weak person in the past.