Rep. Jim Jordan denies any knowledge of sexual abuse or misconduct, eye-witnesses say he directly witnessed it


You’re acting like it’s no big deal though, interesting!


Obviously not if your first reaction is about how this is solely retribution from Rosenstein.


Except that you aren’t


Think what you want. Provide proof of Jordon knowledge.

Actual proof…not hearsay or opinion.


Bingo! To the haters Jordan is guilty until proven innocent. It is he said vs he said at this point.


Who knew being preyed upon by trusted male supposed role models could be damaging? Get outta here.


Weren’t you creating threads several months back that Obama should be arrested for spying on the Trump campaign?


Wasn’t it his job to know about stuff like that? Complicit or ignorant, pick your poison.

This is not going to end well for him, there’s no good way to spin this for him.


It’s an attack because, they don’t want him as speaker…


Then why hasn’t any other coaches came forward? Specially after it is said it happen across 14 different sports.


We shall see…


Remember Penn State? The way supporters said the exit same thing for a while and then the truth finally was revealed and incontrovertible?


Lol- at a tea party rally…what was the rally about? Celebrating the exploding deficit?


We will.

Since the claim that it happen across 14 other sports Jim Jordon is the only one that should have known about it?

Shouldn’t that raise suspicion?


Same reason coaches at Penn State including Paterno, didn’t come forward. Same reason coaches at Michigan with that perverted doctor didn’t come forward despite amble evidence.


We don’t know that they haven’t.

How many people have been interviewed?
According to the university, more than 150 people have been asked questions. They are described as former students and witnesses.


Why would other coaches come out publicly now, when they are in the same position as Jordan. Being knowledgeable of these events, and not doing anything to stop it. The suggestion that because other coaches are not out there claiming Jordan knew, is because that will mean they too knew, and turned a blind eye, and will face the same legal issues he will be facing. It was a poor argument he was making. :wink:


Well, since he’s the only one in an elected position, he’s the only one getting national attention. But on a local level, there will be hell to pay for all those that chose silence.

If this is all true of course. And it’s following a familiar pattern, so it seems it probably is.


Unlike Penn State Jordon isn’t be accused for sexual perversion. Jordon is being accused for knowing about it and did nothing.

But don’t you find it odd that this was suppose to happen across 14 other sports but yet Jordon should have known about it?


I think you answered your own question.