Rep. Jim Jordan denies any knowledge of sexual abuse or misconduct, eye-witnesses say he directly witnessed it


the same christian/family values republicans that defended Roy Moore/Donald Trump will defend Jim Jordan.


do you want to tell the people how they have to intrepret and live their faith? :roll_eyes:


The first complaint against Dr Strauss was made in 1978 not 2018


so, what do you want then? Regarding Jim Jordan its no issue, but a smear campaign


Ok that’s one. Was there any supporting evidence for it either?


Didn’t you use the same defense at the beginning of the pedophile Roy Moore episode?

How did that work out for you?


The university has conceded this happened why can’t you?

Ohio State held a hearing on the allegations against Strauss in 1997, according to the complaint, and he was allegedly allowed to “quietly retire,” without facing disciplinary action.

In a statement Tuesday, Ohio State confirmed that its investigative team had received reports of sexual misconduct by Strauss from former health service patients and male student athletes in 14 sports.

“We are aware of reports that individuals at the university did not respond appropriately during that era,” the university said, adding that the state attorney general’s office had appointed private legal counsel for the school.

“Ohio State remains committed to uncovering what may have happened and what university leaders at the time may have known,” it said.


i’m thinking not having affairs and now fondling underage girls might be a good start.

that you had to ask that question speaks volumes.


so you really want to tell them what they have to think, how to make their judgement… :roll_eyes::roll_eyes:


Can you cite even a single post by me in any thread we’ve had on the subject where I said it didn’t happen or that I didn’t believe it?

The only thing I’m questioning is the sudden smearing of Jim Jordan without any evidence being presented to show he was involved in any way.


What defense is that? It’s up to the accuser to make their case, it’s not incumbent on the accused to disprove the accusation; not in this country any way.


He either knew or was straight up negligent of his duties.


Horse hockey, his “duties” didn’t include supervising the team doctor.


Then why did you post this earlier? Sure sound like you were talking about the doctor since Jordan is still alive


Sure they did

Legal responsibilities are usually well-defined and are often points of emphasis in coaching certification programs. State athletic associations, departments of education and other government organizations determine the range of legal responsibilities for a coach. These responsibilities usually are formulated to maintain the safety and well-being of the athletes and to maintain the educational focus of the athletic program. Mandatory child-abuse reporting is a legal responsibility of coaches in many states and is a good example of a coach’s duty that is mandated by a governmental body.


the fact that members of the christian/family values political party who doesn’t even have a baseline of adultery and fondling underage girls for it’s representatives proves what i’ve said for decades. christian/family values was just an ad to get votes. they don’t really believe it.


He’s all over the place. It’s what often happens when you must defend the republican no matter what he’s done.


There’s nothing in your quote about coaches being responsible for supervising the team doctor.


If you can’t follow along it’s not my responsibility to lead you around like a child on a leash.


Coaches are responsible for the safety of their team’s athletes. If he failed in that duty he was negligent