Rep. Jim Jordan denies any knowledge of sexual abuse or misconduct, eye-witnesses say he directly witnessed it


Matt Goetz = Derp State


Good news. I am the deep state! I’ll send you an invite to our next ice cream social. :wink:


Who would have thunk it? The leader of the deep state right on our backyard!


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Whatever happens going forward, it’s Gym Jordan from now on.


Also: He turns a blind eye to the abuse of young people he was in charge of. When he gets caught, he slanders the victims.

BTW: Jordan is the guy who couldn’t think of one time that Trump had lied. His powers of discernment and critical thinking, as well as his integrity, are beyond reproach.


I’m honestly offended, not being accused of being part of the Deep State.


Oh, come on. It was just locker room masturbation and junk grabbin’.


Everyone knows that only Democrats are capable of wrong-doing, therefore allegations against Republicans are simply slander. Nothing more. You guys are barking up the wrong tree if you think this is going to go anywhere.


Now the head coach at the time admits it.

People are gonna regret backing this guy.

Wait, I’m distilling that through my own lens of integrity. No, they won’t regret it.


Here is what kicked off this investigation.


Jordan’s Republican colleagues have begun to circle the wagons and using the excuse that the whole thing is overblown because the 1500+ victims of sexual assault were adults and not children.

“These weren’t children. These were adults,” said Rep. David Schweikert (R-AZ), a colleague of Jordan’s in the Freedom Caucus, while speaking to Vox about the wrestlers claiming they were groped. “My understanding is, this was a university program. It can still be wrong. So you start to lay it out, you say it should be investigated. But from what you know right now, does it qualify for the level of theater we are seeing?”


Guaranteed to be a winning argument.


Beautiful. Just beautiful.

Between this and Roy Moore, brother.


Disgusting. There is nothing the right won’t try and excuse - if done by one of their own.


Some of this went on during Ohio State’s wrestling camps, so some of the victims were underage.


The head coach at the time admits it went and went the administration about Strauss.

That pretty much leaves Gym Jordan supporters left saying “He wasn’t masturbating in the shower, he was just washing his **** really fast”.

Which is an argument I’m sure they will readily adopt, if the past is our guide to our future. These ■■■■■■■ people will say ■■■■■■■ anything.


If someone says “X knew about sexual abuse. This is true because I saw him in a situation where he must have known.”

My question would be, “where is the report you filed?”


Ruh roh…my advice…stick with that