Rep. Jim Jordan denies any knowledge of sexual abuse or misconduct, eye-witnesses say he directly witnessed it


Again, the Deep State was very active at Ohio State in the early '90s.


The more logical conclusion is that the deep state is colluding with time-traveling, political terrorists on a mission to stop America from being great again


What are the odds: two former wresting coaches, sex crimes, and Republican leadership of the House?


Could be time for application of a large amount of exFoleyant.


Is there some set time period you feel would be appropriate for a victim to come forward or shut their mouth and keep it a secret for the rest of their lives? Please lay out the time period.


Steve Schmidt, someone who knows Jordan personally as a true player in GOP politics has some feelings about Mr. Jordan here. :flushed:


Who’s Steve Schmidt? :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: (You know he’s just some unknown, unimportant person)

He really isn’t holding back, is he?


Kinda feels like the Mark Foley rollout.

New rule, no more wrestling coaches in Congress, it’s not working out so great.


No he is not. Nor is Rick Wilson. I won’t direct link his tweet thread, but look back around 5-hours ago to a thread of 5 consecutive tweets of his. :flushed:


I’ll look when I get home. Works IT has twitter and facebook blocked, damn it.


When you read the very first tweet from him, referencing his appearance on CNN, it’ll make good sense why your work likely chose to have that site blocked. His language is not for virgin ears.


Good thing my ears aren’t virgin. I like both of them, and I’m intrigued.


Another two wrestlers just name dropped him.

Up to 11? or so now. I’ve lost count.


Steve is on fire, isn’t he? Good for him.



11 former wrestlers say that Gym “Soap Boy” Jordan knew what was going on?

If Republicans had a shred of morality he’d have been gone last weekend.

Instead we’ll have to keel haul his ass before the tar and feathers.


What is off to me is the flat denial…

Several of the men that have come forward, have stated that they voted for him and viewed him as a friend. But this flat denial is something they cannot stand behind…


Its starting to look doubtful for Jimmy no-jacket.


Think he did it off the cuff and now can’t change his story. Though he’s already gone from hearing nothing to only hearing locker talk so…

Oh, and this is the doings of the Deep state!! now.


Party of personal responsibility


I’d like to know how to become a member of the deep state. They are everywhere!