Rep. Jim Jordan denies any knowledge of sexual abuse or misconduct, eye-witnesses say he directly witnessed it


This is funny ■■■■! Lol!

Even when Q’s predictions disappoint, the QAnon community keeps going. Q hyped up the release of the Justice Department’s inspector general report on the FBI’s Hillary Clinton email investigation, for example, promising that it would contain the promised “Storm” of revelations about top Democrats and the deep state. When the report fizzled, however, Q promised that Deputy Attorney General Rod Rosenstein, a frequent target of QAnon jabs, had tampered with the report. Trump had the real report, Q claimed, and that report’s release would solve everything.


As I said, the believers of this conspiracy theory are complete and utter ■■■■■■■ morons. There can be no other alternative.


From the article…

QAnon is unusual, according to University of Miami professor Joseph Uscinski, because it offers Republicans an alternate view of the world when they already control nearly the entire government. Usually, “conspiracy theories are for losers,” Uscinski said,

“Normally you don’t expect the winning party to use them, except when they’re in trouble,” Uscinski said.

Sounds about right. :laughing:


the best example of these doofus has to be this guy

protest about releasing the report…after it was already released


Not the “REAL” report man. Come on! MAGA!


Probably a liberal trying to make conservatives look bad.


Uh Oh…

Multiple members of the conservative House Freedom Caucus say they are “uncomfortable” with the scrutiny growing around whether Republican Rep. Jim Jordan of Ohio turned a blind eye to alleged abuse, but those conservatives are taking a “wait and see” approach for the time being, according to one source Monday who is familiar with their thinking.

“The members are taking a wait and see approach,” the Republican source told CNN. “They aren’t making any judgments on him yet.”

Not all of them are rushing to the defense of Jordan on this. That leads me to believe that those who are going to “wait and see” believe there is enough there to warrant hesitation. If he loses the support of his own caucus, then this could go south quickly for Mr. Jordan.


Does all this mean that Jimmy Boy will not become the next Speaker of the House??


The attacks on him should only reinforce how much we need to put him in a leadership position. Just think of how the libs heads will explode. Worth it.


there has already been one speaker of the house in jail because of little boys…


Even removing this from the equation, and assuming the GOP were to retain the House, the odds of him becoming Speaker were very low anyway. He, along with many in the FC, upset the broader GOP caucus too many times during negotiations, where both sides claimed to be negotiating in good faith, come to an agreement, and then at the last minute have the terms changed by the FC.

It can be debated as to the effectiveness of the FC’s tactics, but this reality alone will likely prevent any of them from ever holding more than hostage power over the whole of the GOP.


Up to number 8 now.


I’m quite confident this is just the beginning too. These are people coming forward that will say it publicly, in some fashion or another. How many more of them are going to simply keep their heads down and just speak to the investigators, and tell them what Jordan knew of all of this? I figure for every 1 person on the record, there will be 2-3 who will confirm this to investigators only. I have a hard time seeing how this ends well for Mr. Jordan.


Somebody sounds little desperate here. How can it be fake news, to reach out to the people who were there at the time, and ask them what they know? That is called actual reporting and investigative journalism.


Like Gym Jordan is trying to apply some excessive soap to this new development in hopes he can white wash it away as “fake news”.

He has seen how it works for the gullible Trumpist base, and no doubt it will work to some extent in this case. However, he sounds really desperate and probably realizes there’s going to be more confirmation of his knowledge of the abuse and inaction to stop it.


Accusers knew did nothing and did nothing for 20 years except wait on Jordan to do something? Makes sense to me.


That guy wasn’t masturbating in the shower. He was just washing his **** really fast!


That’s not what happened. The victims finally began coming forward because of other incidents in the news and then one of the people responsible for the team at the time said he knew nothing about it. Not the other way around


Sounds logical


More than 150 people lying about the doctor sounds logical?