Rep. Jim Jordan denies any knowledge of sexual abuse or misconduct, eye-witnesses say he directly witnessed it


Teacher student regardless of age falls under this…that’s why


Called it!


God you are horrible at this…never seen someone project everything they are onto other people…really explains why you love trump…peas and carrots


Seems relevant.


Representative “Gym” Jordan is be in big trouble.


Unbelievable that Jordan is till in office. It’s time to march him out of his office, tar and feather him, and then send him packing to his condo in Vladivostok.


Oh, Jordan knew what was happening alright. Was he complicit in the crimes that were happening? Probably.


In the late 80s and early 90s, many Ohio State wrestlers were Deep State sleeper plants.


Yeah, I’ve been wondering where the QAnon and Pizzagate people are on this one.


Welp he’s done.


Likely. And definitely in normal times. But these are not exactly normal times my friend.


Yeah, I guess they did defend literal pedophile Roy Moore so who knows.


Yep…exactly. And the Trump cult is behind whatever Trump says or does, and Trump has stated he is 100% behind Jordan.


on the bright side…i cant think of one


Beer. There is always beer. And scotch, yeah, scotch too. :wink:


actually just bought some Mead from a local dude…its damn good


Nice! What is it fermented with, or is it just straight honey?


one is with snowberries honey, the other is a more fruity one with strawberries, raspberries and cherries but they have one coming out that i am looking forward to: light blackberry mead aged with chocolaty bourbon barrel aged coffee bean…


That last one sounds incredibly intriguing. An interesting combination of bitter, sweet, and light tart. I’ll be curious to know how it turns out.


These Q people are not the sharpest objects in the universe, are they?

No, they are absolute ■■■■■■■ morons.