Rep. Jim Jordan denies any knowledge of sexual abuse or misconduct, eye-witnesses say he directly witnessed it


Sounds like the athletes have a cohesive accounting of the events and it is just Jordan who denying that it happened, or even that he knew.

Don’t see this ending well for Jimmie Boy.


A euphemism for masturbating in front of them.


Says you. If you mean that say that before you try to run off an elected official.


Come on. Really? What part of his body do you think he was soaping?


His neck man, seriously his neck!


UFC Champion Mark Coleman coming out today. ■■■■ is going to hit the fan real soon.


Fake news and fake champion!!!


I just find it incredible (and therefore discrediting) that a thing like this ‘appears’ just before a very important mid-term election.


Every mid-term election is “very important.” Things are always happening.


Not to diminish the importance of previous mid-terms, I just always find allegations like this suspect when thet just suddenly appear, especially after so very long a time, just before an election.


Dude it’s 4 months till the mid-terms, not 4 days.


Um… this “stuff” is horrific accusations of sexual abuse, molestation, voyeurism, and rape. And it occurred decades ago. And the brave victims who’ve finally decided to come forward, after seeing the bravery of the victims of Larry Nassar, did so months ago. This has been going on since March. And it involves upwards of 1,500-2,000 victims and countless other witnesses. Jordan is a tiny, tiny part of this entire scandal. Making it seem as if it is all about him and this midterm is absurd. He is a politician. They are a dime a dozen.


Well, well, well. Turns out Jim Jordan did hear about the behavior of the doctor from student athletes, but thought it was just locker room talk.


4 months is a very short time when it comes to elections, and this one is just gearing up with many primaries already held and many others coming up soon.


If you want to believe that everyone is lying and it’s just a ploy to hurt Jordan, you can believe that.


Uh-huh. Everything is political if the election season never ends. 4 months is too close to be coincidence! 6 months is too close to be coincidence! 8 months is too close to be coincidence!

Jordan has already gone from ‘I heard nothing about anything’ to ‘What I heard in the locker room doesn’t count’.


There’s a shocker.


I see he is going for the minimize it technique, perfected by none other thank grab em by the ■■■■■ Trump.


You are more concerned about election consequences than getting down to what really happened and if involved a person who may have known about a crime and not reported it enabledling how many others to be?



Not of pedophiles.

They can understand a boot to the face.